Accessories for Centrifuge-Vortex CVP-2

Centrifuge-Vortex CVP-2 is intended for the implementation of "spin-mix-spin" algorithm (effective mixing and sedimentation of reactants) for PCR plates of different types: 96-well plates with a skirt, with a semi-skirt, without a skirt, as well as 384-well plates.

Skirted PCR plates and mini- PCR plates in the frame can be inserted into the rotor without adapters.

For other PCR plates we have developed adapters: AP-96 (for 96-well plates with a semi-skirt and without a skirt) and AP-384 (for 384-well PCR plates).

Adapters AP-96 are included into a standard package of centrifuge-vortex CVP-2; Adapters AP-384 are available as an optional accessory.

The choice of adapter depending on a plate type.