CVP-2, Application studies

Centrifuge-vortex for plates - an essential tool in the PCR laboratory!

Experts in the field of molecular biology, Lithuanian company Diagnolita, conducted independent application studies and validation of innovative Centrifuge Vortex-for PCR plates, CVP-2.

Representatives of the company Diagnolita evaluated the effectiveness of the vertical vortexing and centrifugation implemented in CVP-2 and compared it with the classical horizontal centrifugation.

To compare the two methods of centrifugation they conducted sample preparation for PCR, which included centrifugation step, real-time amplification reaction and analysis of results.

Analysis of the results showed that the amplification reaction was equally efficient and reproducible using both centrifugation methods. These results demonstrate that the CVP-2 is suitable for sample preparation for PCR analysis.

Centrifuge-Vortex CVP-2 has the added advantage over conventional centrifuge for plates - built-in vortexing function. In combination with centrifugation, this feature allows to mix the reaction mixture, to remove air bubbles and precipitate droplets - at the touch of a button, thus, providing reproducible results and significant savings of operator time. 

The results of studies and review from Diagnolita.