Declarations of Conformity

Declarations of Conformity have been combined to contain a group of similar products in one declaration, e.g.

Rockers, shakers, rotators, vortexes: MR-1, MR-12; 3D, Multi Bio 3D, PSU-10i, PSU-20i, MPS-1, PSU-2T; Bio RS-24, Multi Bio RS-24, Multi RS-60; V-1 plus, V-32, MSV-3500;

Thermoshakers: TS-100, TS-100C, TS-DW, PST-60HL, PST-60HL-4, PST-100HL;

Minicentrifuges-vortexes: FV-2400, FVL-2400N, MSC-3000, MSC-6000, CVP-2;

Declarations of Conformity now are available on the website in the corresponding product`s download section.