NEW platform for ES-20/60 and PSU-20i

Universal Platform UP-168 is designed for 100, 250, 500 and 1000 ml flasks for use with shaker incubator ES-20/60 and shaker PSU-20i. Numerous holes in the platform allow to simultaneously install clamps for flasks of different volumes and in different combinations.

For use with ES-20/60, the universal platform can be loaded with 4 x 1 L flasks, 9 x 500 ml or 9 x 250 ml flasks and up to 16 x 100 ml flasks.

For use with PSU-20i capacity of universal platform is higher, because there are no walls restricting the inner space. In PSU-20i one can install on the universal platform 6 x 1 L flasks, 9 x 500 ml flasks, 13 x 250 ml and up to 20 x 100 ml volume. Clamps are sold separately.

BS-010135-JK UP-168, universal platform for flasks
BS-010126-HK FC-100, clamp for 100 ml flask
BS-010126-IK FC-1000, clamp for 1000 ml flask
BS-010126-JK FC-250, clamp for 250 ml flask
BS-010126-LK FC-500, clamp for 500 ml flask