New Assist series pipettes

The Assist series pipettes are single or 8,12 channel variable volume pipettes designed to measure and transfer volumes from 0.1 μl to10000 μl...

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New pipette controller Assistboy

Assistboy pipette controller is a device intended for pipetting liquids with the use of measuring pipettes...

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New rotor R-24/10 for LMC-4200R

New rotor for round bottom plastic tubes and vacutainers, capacity of 24 pcs. Volume of tubes 10-15 ml or vacutainers 2-9 ml.

New platform M-8/50 for Multi Bio RS-24

New roller platform M-8/50 used in combination with Multi Bio RS-24, for eight 50 ml tubes. Application: hybridization reactions.

New version of software for RTS-1 and RTS-1C

We are happy to announce the release of the new version of software 2.7.4 for RTS-1 and RTS-1C. Here is the list of changes...

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Biosan - laureate of "Export and Innovation Awards 2016"

Biosan received an honorable 3rd place in the category "Best Large / Medium Exporter"...

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LMC-3000: New features

Biosan has launched an upgraded version of LMC-3000, Laboratory centrifuge...

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MR-1: Digital control of mixing frequency

A new feature - digital speed control has been introduced into MR-1, Mini-Rocker Shaker...

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Website - new structure of Products section

Biosan product range has been divided into four segments: General Lab equipment, Bioprocessing, Molecular diagnostics and Immunodiagnostics...

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Basic Plus, Premium or Smart Plus?

Whether you are looking for feature rich and unique solutions, or rigid straightforward instruments, or smart devices controlled with included PC software, Biosan offers that choice...

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