NEW rotor for centrifuge - vortexes

Rotor SR-32 for centrifuge-vortexes FVL-2400N, MSC-3000 and MSC-6000 is designed for 4 strips or 32 x 0.2 ml microtubes and provides greater capacity than before.

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NEW racks for WB-4MS

Six new racks for incubation of test tubes of different diameter and size in a water bath with stirring WB-4MS.

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New product - TS-DW, thermo- shaker for deep well plates

A new product in the Biosan line for sample preparation – TS-DW , Thermo- Shaker for Deep Well Plates. The device provides a high heating rate and precise temperature control due to customized blocks for Deep Well plates.

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A new feature in high-speed centrifuge Microspin-12

A popular High-Speed Mini- centrifuge Microspin-12 has a new feature - "Quick Centrifugation" – timer starts from 15 seconds.

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New blocks for CH3-150 thermostat

New blocks are available for Thermostat CH3-150 with Heating and Cooling functions for termostating tubes with a maximum volume of 8 ml (ø 12 mm), 5 ml (ø 13 mm) and 14 ml (ø 29 mm) of liquid

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Spring season exhibitions

We are glad to invite you to the following spring season exhibitions to get acquainted with new innovative equipment from Biosan.

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Sole service center in Poland

We’re delighted to inform you about creation of sole service center for our customers in Poland on the basis of long-term and proficient partner – Biogenet company.

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News of January 2014

Since the beginning of 2014 we are offering for orders compact laboratory furniture, including drawer units for UV-cleaner box table and option of a table with mounted shelves.

New developments of 2013

Several new products launched recently and available from January 2014.

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Pour Me an Anti-Stress Cocktail

A kind of anti-stress cocktail is not a wild fantasy but one of many Vasily Bankovsky’s discoveries. He is a Latvian bioengineer, and solving the problem of stress tolerance has become V. Bankovsky’s most important mission both in science and his private life.

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