Nuclear Medicine Clinic report

We received a report of using BIOSAN equipment in SIA Kodolmedicīnas Klīnika radio pharmacy laboratory within the framework of the scientific project Development and introduction in clinical practice of innovative methods of diagnostics and therapy of malignant tumours using molecularly targeted radionuclides produced in Latvia.

The following equipment has been used in the project:

  •  LMC-3000, laboratory centrifuge;
  •  S-Bt Smart Biotherm, compact CO2 incubator;
  •  Multi Bio 3D, programmable mini-shaker;
  •  Assist series pipettes.

SIA Kodolmedicīnas Klīnika report (PDF)

Clinical trials were conducted for microplate photometer HiPo MPP-96

Clinical trials were conducted for HiPo MPP-96, photometer for 96 well plates (Biosan, Latvia), and QuantAssay analysis software (Biosan, Latvia) for setup, reading and analysis of enzyme linked immunoassays  using commercial kits for the quantitative determination of Interleukin 8 and 10 (IL-8, IL-10) for the diagnosis of a chronic kidney illness.

Download full report.(PDF)

LMC-3000, laboratory centrifuge is suitable with Bio-Rad manufactured gel-cards

Test performed by E.Gulbis laboratory, clearly shows that the Biosan LMC-3000 centrifuge can be used for centrifugation of Bio-Rad gel cards for immunohaematological examinations.

Download testing report (PDF)

Recent feedback from distributor in Kazakhstan

Thanks to UVR-M (three pieces) in our office for the first time, last winter, no cases of influenza or upper respiratory tract infections !

Thank you, Biosan !

Usage of RTS-1C in the study: Killing effect of nanoencapsulated colistin sulfate on Pseudomonas aeruginosa from cystic fibrosis patients

Bacteria were incubated for 4 h at 37 °C and 2000 rpm in RTS-1C real-time cell growth loggers and growth measured as optical density (850 nm) in real time.

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Application of a multi-motion programmable rotator in immunoprecipitation

Application of a multi-motion programmable rotator in immunoprecipitation.

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CVP-2, Centrifuge/Vortex for PCR plates - comparison with conventional centrifuge

Centrifugation performance was compared using following procedure:
After filling the PCR plate, it was cut into halves and then the left part was used for vertical centrifugation and the right part for horizontal centrifugation. Both parts then were run conjointly in one qPCR run. Results obtained from left and right parts were analyzed separately, but the same threshold and baseline was used for both analysis so the results could be compared afterwards.

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Reverse–Spin® Technology — Innovative Principle of Microbial Cultivation

This paper presents theoretical and experimental studies of the microorganism growth using Reverse–Spin Technology (RST). Reverse–Spinner is a thermostating device with very low energy consumption that realizes innovative type of mixing, where liquid (cells in liquid medium) is mixed by the tube rotation around its axis, leading to highly efficient Vortex Type Mixing (VTM).

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Mixing Efficiency on Thermo-Shakers TS-100 & TS-100C.

The experiment was setup to check mixing efficiency of TS-100C and TS-100 Thermo‑Shakers with 1.5ml and 0.5ml tubes on platform SC-18C. The mix of food colour E102 [500g/L] and water with ratio 1:10 were used. For the experiment the platform was split apart so the mixing process can be seen and recorded. Click on the link to see the video of the experiment.

Coming soon: Efficiency check with 0.2ml tubes and plates.

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Air recirculators UVR-M and UVR-Mi

Air recirculators UVR-M and UVR-Mi were tested to acknowledge UV irradiation they produce. For majority of microorganisms the energy needed for deactivation was investigated and reported by UVP Inc. Depending on this data it is possible to determine the effectivity of UV air recirculators produced by Biosan Ltd. Throughout knowing the energy produced by instrument and comparing it to energy needed for microorganism deactivation.

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