The new ES-20/80 shaker-incubator

The new ES-20/80 shaker-incubator for biotechnological and pharmaceutical laboratories is a professional category equipment.

The unit is equipped with a newly developed triple eccentric mechanism for platform motion that provides supreme balancing characteristics, superior reliability and quiet operation...

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Upgraded V-1 plus, personal vortex

Biosan is continuously  striving to upgrade our existing product range.

This time we are delighted to announce improvements for one of our classics and best-sellers - V-1 plus, personal vortex...

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New test tube racks

We are delighted to announce new test tube racks for our orbital shaker PSU-20i; orbital shaker-incubators ES-20/60 and the new ES-20/80...

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Biosan is participating at the NextLab 2018

Biosan is participating at the NextLab 2018 - NextGeneration of Forensic Biology Laboratory Scientific Conference which will take place in Gdynia (Poland) from 6th to 8th of June.

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We are pleased to announce the new McFarland standarts for DEN-1 and DEN-1B instruments.

With much longer shelf-life, improved stability, repeatability of results and flexible pricing we believe our customers will be satisfied.
The following MacFarland calibration kits are available...

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