2018 - Made in Latvia. Biosan: we do today what world science will need tomorrow

2016 - Prime Minister of Latvia Māris Kučinskis visited our company. (LV)

2015 - TREASURES OF LATVIA AND OUTSTANDING EXPORT BRANDS OF LATVIA brought by Latvian Institute and "The Red Jackets" movement.

2012 - interview with Ms. Svetlana Bankovska, Biosan SIA co-founder and Managing Director.

2011 - About Biosan. LIAA. (in the group of small sized companies)

2007 - Photo archive (10 december)

2005 - Photo archive (14-20 february)

2005 - "Taking a liking to Latvia" (LABORATORY TALK)

2003 - "Pour me an anti-stress coctail" (International magazine contribution)